The Modern
Atlas Battle Game

AtlasBattle is a modern ATLAS Game designed for those who love to play Atlas.

Atlas is verbal game played generally in India. In this game a person speak the name of one country or place and the other person speak the name of another country or place.

We have transformed that same traditional method of playing Atlas into modern way, which is more fun and interesting.

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How to Play Atlas Battle Game

  • You will play with a Computer program.
  • You have to begin the game by tapping on the voice 📢 button.
  • After tapping on the voice 📢 button speak any country, state, capital or district name.
  • You will get 59 seconds to think of the name of any place.
  • After you have spoken the name it will be evaluated to check whether the name you have spoken exists or not.
  • If your answer is accepted. Then comes the CPU turn.
  • The CPU will speak the name of the place and it will also get 59 seconds.
  • If time gets over the Game will be over and those who won't be able to answer will lose.
  • After that you can either restart the game or go to Home.
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We have developed Traditional Atlas into Modern Atlas Battle Game.

Our app is now available on Google Play.

Get it on Google Play

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